The Beauty Way

Mapping Your Life's Journey

A Retreat Quest in the Enchanted Land of New Mexico

Join us for a five-day evocative retreat in 2016
led by WindEagle, Elaine Jaynes and Hope Langner in Abiquiu, New Mexico.

Enjoy enchanted New Mexico on Ehama Institute land within sight of the high meadows of Pedernal, the sacred basket mountain made famous by the paintings of Georgia O'Keeffe.

Mapping Your Life's Journey--A Retreat Quest is offered knowing that we will all receive the blessings of the land; and that we will each leave our own contribution, created with intention and ritual, to its magic.

The teachings of the Delicate Lodge have been passed on for centuries as an oral tradition from the Mayan and pre-Mayan peoples down to today's native peoples of the Americas. They foster wholeness, balance and self-authority in individual seekers and lead to heightened consciousness and expansive thinking among the collective group.

The Program Leaders:

Elaine Jaynes, Hope Langner and WindEagle Kinney-Linton

WindEagle is a Lineage Keeper of an ancient body of Self Knowledge and Earth Wisdom Teachings called the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge. Elaine and Hope have been students of the Delicate Lodge Teachings for many years, and are sanctioned teachers of these materials.

For more about the leaders, click here.

Why is this retreat quest important?
Mapping the route we take in life, even when we are already on the path, is a highly specialized experience for forerunners, those who open new pathways.  Sound outrageous?  It is...and that is exactly why we need it now.

Many of you are the forerunners of today, learning new things all the time and putting that knowledge to use immediately in the moment.  It seems the universe is supporting you to do just that.

We have reached a great nexus point in time where everything is coming together. Humanity is being called to step up and into a new time.  Life is a journey, and hopefully we have not forgotten how to quest.

Who should attend?
We invite you as a forerunner to come to shape the map of your personal journey quest.  We will offer an ancient map as our chief navigational tool.  It comes from the stars just as we do.  Imagine taking a journey around an ancient wheel where we look into the dreams we hold, deepening our relationship with what we have come into this life to learn and discover all the while uncovering what is needed to choreograph our life energy.  Stories will be told at the ceremonial fire and we will dance under the stars.

Still sound outrageous?
It is!  Come to New Mexico and bring your colors, your special dance costume for the dreams that call you and be ready to journey.  This is a one-time experience that you won't want to miss.