A Journey into Our True Identity
Join us for a six day virtual retreat October 21st to October 26th,
2021 led by WindEagle and Aquinnah


As I enter 2022, what is my dream of myself? Who am I becoming as I step into this new time?

We love the metaphor of the Phoenix as we all have had experiences of finding we need to journey more deeply into the self to remember our own way of being and the gifts that we carry... and sometimes it is coming from the ashes of our previous experiences that we find the deepest discoveries and even the gold that is buried there.

In this ceremony, we will experience the unfolding of our wings to reveal our deepest essence. We will co-create with nature, honoring our intention to step into the fullness of our being.
Ceremonial experiences and teachings will incorporate time in nature and include visioning, dreaming, art, journaling, contemplation and deep conversation.


We will offer some of the ancient ways that open pathways leading us to see into our own life mirror, illuminating where we are and calling us to vision our future.

We are not always aware of the traps or patterns that we walk, or what we consciously need and want as ways to balance our lives and ways of being. And at times, our self care is set aside while we take care of everything else in our life first. We will open each of these pathways with reflection at the start of our time together each day, while working with different forms of art and beauty in the second half of each day. All of which will lead us toward stepping into our own ring of power.

The final day of this retreat will be a high ceremony day, culminating in an experience of magic, embodying the essence image of our true spirit manifestation.


Dates: We gather online on Thursday October 21st at 11:00 am Pacific Time for a 90-minute introduction. When we come together, we will connect, share our intentions and image the week ahead.

Program: We dive into our program online Friday, October 22nd at 6:00 am Pacific Time and will complete after our high ceremony on Tuesday, October 26th at 12 noon Pacific Time. Each day will be 6 hours long and will include breaks as needed.

Tuition: $1300 per person. We will be sending you a package of materials for the experiences that are part of the program.

Space: This gathering is limited to 12 participants.

Registration: Please email to reserve your place.

A deposit of $400 is due upon registration to reserve your place. Remaining funds are payable by September 15th.

Please use this link for payment: 
Note that in order to receive your materials, you must register no later than August 15th.

Cancellation policy: In the event that you need to cancel, please notify us by email. For cancellations up to and including September 1st, payments made will be refunded in full, less a $50 processing fee. You may also transfer your registration to another person at no charge.

If you cancel on September 2nd or later, no refund is available unless we are able to fill your place. If we are able to fill your place, you will receive a full refund less a $50 processing fee.

For more information, contact:

Hope or WindEagle


WindEagle is a Keeper of ancient wisdom called the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge. She is dedicated to peace building, awakening consciousness and healing separation in our world. She is the co-founding Director of Ehama Institute and the World Foundation for the Discipline of Peace. She lives in New Mexico on a red earth canyon when she is not traveling and teaching.

Hope (Aquinnah) is a seasoned trainer and master certified coach. Known for her heart, calm presence, and laser-sharp clarity, Hope believes that inner alignment is the path to personal, organizational and cultural change. For many years, Hope has been exploring different modalities of healing that incorporate attention on body, mind and spirit. Her learning journey with the Delicate Lodge Teachings and the Beauty Way has been deep and transformative.