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Elaine Jaynes, M.S., CPCC, MCC

Elaine Jaynes

Elaine was a beloved guide on life's journey who passed from this earthly plane in May, 2016. She left an indelible legacy, leading and encouraging the continuous expansion and growth of those whom she coached or taught. She relished sharing those milestone moments of insight, deepened emotions, when spirit recognizes itself. She believed strongly that what we co-create in each moment, is the source of human evolution.

Elaine's own path moved through academic and applied work in the field of Organizational Psychology, as corporate executive, as OD consultant, as curriculum developer and as leader of Co-Active Coaching and Leadership Programs. She was one of the 10 first-named Master Certified Coaches by the International Coaching Federation.

In the past several years, her most intimate exploration was into conscious elderhood, a commitment to using all of one's life experiences in contribution to humanity. She was a follower and a teacher of an earth-based wisdom tradition called the Delicate Lodge Teachings.