The Beauty Way


The Beauty Way

Contextual learning events founded in the wisdom tradition known as
the Delicate Lodge Teachings.

These teachings have been passed on for centuries as an oral tradition from the Mayan and pre-Mayan peoples down to today's native peoples of the Americas. They foster wholeness, balance and self-authority in individual seekers and lead to heightened consciousness and expansive thinking among the collective group.

WHY NOW? Because, as our world becomes more chaotic, volatile and unpredictable, we believe that consciousness of Spirit, and love of All Our Relations creates the container within which both complexity and caring can expand. Many of the challenges facing us in our world today are inner challenges mirrored in our outer world. The Beauty Way offers us tools and practices to work both from the inside out and the outside in to create more balance and wholeness in our world.


Merging with the Phoenix: Deepening into Essence

A Six-Day Virtual Retreat

BeautyWayLearning invites you to our VIRTUAL RETREAT to be held online from October 21 - 26, 2021.

Merging with the Phoenix: Deepening into Essence is offered knowing that with intention and ritual, we will all receive what is needed to deepen our sense of self and our connection to nature.

Our promise to you is 6 days of extraordinary nurturing, intimacy and exploration of earth wisdom. You will experience a depth of relationship and connection with nature and your fellow seekers, greater understanding of these ancient Medicine Wheels, and leave with a way to put this wisdom to work in your world.

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